Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Think about It !!! and Wake Up !!

It takes 5 minutes to do Fajr prayer

when it takes 1 hour to get ready for office..

It takes 2 seconds to say Assalam Alaikum to your parents, wife & siblings

when it takes 3 minutes to fit your shoes..

It takes 5 minutes to wear a scarf

when it takes 20 minutes to do your hair..

It takes 15 minutes to do Dhuhr

when it takes 45 minutes to have lunch..

It takes 15 minutes to do 'Asr

when it takes 1 hour to be on the phone with your friends or in front of the PC..

It takes 15 minutes to read the Qur'an

when it takes 2 hours to watch a movie..

It takes 7 minutes to do Maghrib

when it takes 1 hours to watch TV news..

It takes 2 seconds to say "I love you, Mom", "Dad" or your wife

when it takes 30 minutes to argue with them..

It takes 5 minutes to read a Hadith daily

when it takes 60 minutes to read a magazine..

It takes 20 minutes to do 'Isha

when it takes 45 minutes to get ready to go to bed or hours to watch midnights..

After all it takes two words to say "shukur alhamdulillah"

Wake Up
Wake Up

"Allahu Akbar , Allahu Akbar" you hear the athaan go on...

But you still decide procrastinate , even when your family yell " came on!"

You think , " I still have a time , before i really to pray , "Asr is still hour away".

You head is saying "Go" but shaytan is saying " No!" so you go on anyway...

You go to your bed and decide to lie down, for just a few minute you say..

But when your head hit the pillow, your body is overcome by a feeling,

Different than any other way, You suddenly feel hot and nervous,

and your throat is parched and dry, You hear a voice call,

" Why did you disobey me? " But you unable to answer why...

Suddenly your life flashes before your eye,

And feelings of guilt and regret are becoming hard to disguise,

Image and thoughts run through your head,

If only you did more useful thing, but you waste time instead...

Every ill word you said, and every prayer you missed is presented,

If only you took life more seriously...if only you repented...

You say, " I didn't know any better, I never knew to take a closer look "

But the voices replies, " Yes you did, You had The Holy Book."

" In it you will find the meaning of life, and words of inspiration.

And the perfect example for mankind, The Prophet who received the revelation."

" This life is but a stage, a mere drop compared to an ocean,

" So think not of the worldly things, and make sure that in your heart lies devotions."

You wake up suddenly, alarmed and quivering.

" I waste so much time!" you think," good work and prayers I should be delivering."

You pray, and then afterwards do some reflection,

And you decide to give your life a through inspection...

This life is so unpredictable ...It can vanish very soon...

All that you see will perish, only your deeds will remain with you..

So hold on to the Quran and way of the Prophet (saw) for salvation..

And do not delay what you must do , remember Death , remember Jannah , The ultimate destination .

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